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Homosexual Desires: Why They Arise And Can It Be Changed?

People who are engaged in homosexual activities are considered to be the virus of the society and are seen with a negative perspective by the people living in the society. The major reason behind this is that a lot of people fail to understand the major reason behind a person’s involvement in homosexual activities.

Here is certain evidence which supports the fact of how people get involved in homosexual activities.

On Being Approached By Someone Else

Like drug use, homosexuality is also handed down by someone else and that too by older individuals. In various separate studies around 60% of respondents had claimed that their first partner was an older person who had the sexual experience.

In various other multiple studies, it was found that young boys and girls were approached firstly by an elder or older homosexual into homosexual activities. This clearly suggests that homosexuality is introduced to youngsters in the same way other behaviors are introduced to them i.e by experience.

Unusual Sexual Experience

A report says that an unusual sexual experience may also lead a person into homosexual activities. Unusual sexual experiences include excessive masturbation, exposure to pornography in childhood and depersonalized sex .

All these unusual experiences have been proven to urge a person to get into a higher demand for sex which leads them to get easily attracted to people of the same gender and ending up into homosexual activities.

Can Homosexuality Be Changed

Unlike any addiction or bad behavior homosexuality can also be changed.There are certain associations which are helping homosexual people so that they can transform themselves and turn back into a heterosexual person again.

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LGBT Issues- A Matter Way More Than Marriage

Recent few months the world has experienced a mainstream of the LGBT movement. All we know that LGBT rights are all about marriage, but it’s way more than that. There are a lot of issues which are regularly faced by LGBT people which get shadowed under the issue of marriage equality.

I had thrown a light below on some of the major issues of LGBT which should be prioritized over marriage equality.

LGBT Youth Homelessness

A recent survey identifies 40% homeless youth to be LGBT and in that around 68% of the youths were kicked out by their families because of their sexual orientation. This leaves all these youths vulnerable to mental and physical health issues, which may lead to unfair criminalisation of queer and trans youths

Violence Against Queer Ans Trans People

In 2012 around 2000 anti-LGBT hate violence incidents were registered and looking at the past few months the world has noticed incidents like the murder of a trans woman named Islan Nettles and the shooting of Mark Carson who was a gay man. Since then a lot of anti-LGBT attacks have been recorded from around the world.

Racial Justice

Racism has always been a major issue of the LGBT population, which is almost twice as the experience of physical violence. The two victims Islan Nettles and Mark Carson were the people of colour. Racism is found at the root of every issue that the LGBT community is recently facing.

Immigrant Justice

Recently it was revealed that around 2.7% undocumented immigrants were identified as LGBT. The LGBT immigrants are forced or urged to live in literal and figurative borders which causes the subject of harassment and abuse. A recent report by the National Center for Transgender Equality throws a light on the major issues which are faced by trans migrants particularly. You can get more information on homosexuality by clicking here.

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Some Weird Myths About Homosexuality

Here are some weird but interesting myths and notions that have been prevailing around the world about homosexuality.

So lets throw a light on it.

  • Myth 1: Around 10% Of The Population Is Homosexual

 This is a complete lie. This myth took air when some advocates started misquoting a book called Sexual Behavior by Alfred Kinsey in 1940s. His main aim was to provide a scientific perspective to the whole homosexuality aspect. He never stated that 10% population is gay. He said that “10 % of the males are more or less homosexual for the age between 16 to 55 for at  least 3 years, but only 3 to 4 % turn out to be gay through out their lifetime”. But this statement was misquoted and turned out a notion that 10% of the population is homosexual.

  • Myth 2: Homosexuals Are Born Gay

Really guys can someone be a homosexual since birth? In 1993 a respected journal, Science published a study by Dean Hamer which actually ignited the explosion of “born gay” myth. But there is actually no proof that homosexuality is genetic. A research in 1991 was carried out on biological twins which neglected the fact that it is genetic. If that would have been the scenario then both the twins would have been found gay.

  • Myth 3: Homosexual Relationships Are No Different Than Heterosexual Ones

 A very fascinating myth is prevailing that homosexual relationships are just like heterosexual ones. But that’s really not true. A research says that homosexual relationships have a major danger of life by getting infected by AIDS as an average homosexual male intercourse with a wide number of males in a year.

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