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Month: April 2016

LGBT Issues- A Matter Way More Than Marriage

Recent few months the world has experienced a mainstream of the LGBT movement. All we know that LGBT rights are all about marriage, but it’s way more than that. There are a lot of issues which are regularly faced by LGBT people which get shadowed under the issue of marriage equality.

I had thrown a light below on some of the major issues of LGBT which should be prioritized over marriage equality.

LGBT Youth Homelessness

A recent survey identifies 40% homeless youth to be LGBT and in that around 68% of the youths were kicked out by their families because of their sexual orientation. This leaves all these youths vulnerable to mental and physical health issues, which may lead to unfair criminalisation of queer and trans youths

Violence Against Queer Ans Trans People

In 2012 around 2000 anti-LGBT hate violence incidents were registered and looking at the past few months the world has noticed incidents like the murder of a trans woman named Islan Nettles and the shooting of Mark Carson who was a gay man. Since then a lot of anti-LGBT attacks have been recorded from around the world.

Racial Justice

Racism has always been a major issue of the LGBT population, which is almost twice as the experience of physical violence. The two victims Islan Nettles and Mark Carson were the people of colour. Racism is found at the root of every issue that the LGBT community is recently facing.

Immigrant Justice

Recently it was revealed that around 2.7% undocumented immigrants were identified as LGBT. The LGBT immigrants are forced or urged to live in literal and figurative borders which causes the subject of harassment and abuse. A recent report by the National Center for Transgender Equality throws a light on the major issues which are faced by trans migrants particularly. You can get more information on homosexuality by clicking here.

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7 Smart Web Design tips for Beginners

Are you planning to create your own website? Or, you are too worried about how it should look? Then this article will definitely guide you to the right path.

A website should be User-friendly. If your website is too confusing to browse, the visitor won’t have any choice but to move to another website. So, the clever step is to keep some key points in mind while designing your own website.

  1. Restrict Your Color Use:

You might have browsed many websites which were too colorful. And you must have closed them and moved on to another website which was easy to browse. You surely don’t want your customers to do that to your website. So, it is advisable to better limit your color use. Use few colors throughout your whole website to make it look good in appearance.

  1. Limit Your Number of Pages:

Yes, do this. I know it sounds crazy but the less the number of pages the more easy will be the navigation. Remove the pages which you think are unnecessary. Choose your content wisely and place them on the main pages which are the highlight of your website. Visit for quality website design.

  1. Limit the Ads and Pop-ups:

This is an important thing to keep in mind while designing a website. You should not add any ads or pop-ups on the home page. It’s a big No-No. These things are really irritating while browsing websites. Only add them where they are needed.

  1. Minimize the Number of Topics in the Menu Bar:

Yes, you heard it right. Limit your menu items to seven or less than that. You don’t want your menu bar to look crowded. You don’t want your customers to get confused and overwhelmed with too many menu items.

  1. Use Adequate Amount of White Space:

This is an acceptable thing to do. Use white space in your website. Not like literally white space. You can use any background image or any simple design you like. You can use white space to give a simplistic look to your website.

  1. Readable Text:

The most important aspect of your website is the text. Choose your fonts cleverly. It shouldn’t be too basic or too complex. Don’t use different font types on different pages. Better use few font types all through the website. It is sensible to not use comic sans or any other unprofessional fonts.

  1. Follow the Hierarchy:

This is the wise thing to do while designing your website. It means to place the content or items at the top which are the main crux of your website. For example, if it’s any NGO’s website, you don’t want your ‘Donate’ button to be at the bottom of the page or on any other page.

Everyone wants a website which responds well, looks good and functions better. Do follow these tips to simplify your website design.

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